Winner of 3 awards


Amanda Bloch
Sofie Johannessen

Design team:
Henriette Hosbond
Anders Tolborg
Jeppe Drensholt

Coop, Denmark’s leading consumer goods retailer, approached Hello Group with an ambitious plan to build a digital platform for its membership program of 1.7 million members. Coop had two distinct criteria: make the financial benefits clear, and make it easier for its 1.7 million members to shop for and prepare quality food every day.

So, we combined membership benefits with mealtime inspiration in a scalable concept that makes deciding what to shop and cook as easy – and beneficial – as possible. Much like an ongoing conversation with a close friend, the app informs, predicts, and guides. It shares the latest news with you directly from the staff at your local store, such as tasting events, as well as exclusive membership offers. And the more it gets to know you and your shopping patterns, the more effective it becomes at helping you maximise your bonus.

When you use the app to pay for your groceries, your bonus increases and the bubble inflates. The sense of reward is instant, and encourages you to actually use the app when you reach the checkout, and take advantage of your special offers and bonus.

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